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Guangzhou to believe anti-counterfeiting technology co., LTD. With "concentration dedicated, professional security" for the aim of our company, in view of the product security, prevent channeling cargo and digital variable code the application to provide expert solutions. To the customers of different trades and professional analysis, provide feasible solutions, since its inception, in food, medicine, wine, and children's products, cosmetic, electronic electric appliance, the agricultural capital in many industries such as deep the customer trust. The company has a anti-counterfeiting technology senior engineer and senior engineer, software development of high-quality talents of r&d team, a professional anti-counterfeiting technology background and experience management team leadership operation. With regard to products, after years of effort, from diversified security system, to the professional anti channeling cargo system, from the tag labeling machine to spurt the code machine, the software not only its own strength, more with the hardware equipment of the production capacity.

To believe the company according to the different needs of different enterprises, provide various grades of anti-counterfeiting labels. Such as: code security labels, laser anti-counterfeit labels, transparent PVC seal mark, light silver dumb silver printing, bottle stick adhesive, KaiTianChuang safety labels, fluorescent anti-counterfeiting technology labels, drop disappear anti-counterfeiting labels, high temperature disappear anti-counterfeiting labels, tags security card, security certificate, certificate of approval, the collection certificate, watermark security technology, etc... There is always one is you need!!!!!!!

The company for many years, as China's security association member, provincial crack down on counterfeit goods quality association member unit, and actively respond to a nation called on, cooperate with relevant government departments, for the guangzhou pledges inspect bureau, guangdong province pledges inspect bureau, guangdong's drug watchdog, guangdong security association, the guangdong province department of standardization institute, and other units to provide various technical support.

The company relies on the digital anti-counterfeiting technology advantage, and to believe security has been successfully for thousands of large, medium and small businesses and units to solve the security, prevent string cargo difficult problems, for the enterprise product sales, anti-counterfeiting crack down on counterfeit goods, market regulating provide direct help.

Only through the phone (800, 400 free telephone, Internet, mobile phone short message, can distinguish authenticity. At the same time, through the consumer inquires the record collection, can effectively assist enterprise information statistic, finish sales data, service report, market research, etc., and have prevent channeling cargo logistics management function. Will anti-fake crack down on counterfeit goods, market norms, sales management, customer service organic combine, greatly expand the code anti-counterfeiting technology use range. Has become the mainstream of the market anti-counterfeiting means.

Security features: can't take false, easy to identify, economic and practical, tracking crack down on counterfeit goods, prevent channeling goods, function expansion.

The first: now the social consumer to improve the understanding of any product, the security knowledge more and more strong.

The second: in the brand to the effect of the publicity.

Third: in the field, you are belong to the first experience to use security and build your brand.

To improve the enterprise brand, enhance brand image

Improve the product competition, increase market sales

Find channeling cargo behavior, standardize market order